5 Common Python Mistakes That Every Developer Must Avoid

5 Common Python Mistakes That Every Developer Must Avoid

You want to become Tyson of Python? The first step to achieving this goal is to enroll in good Python coaching in Bhopal. From there on, you start learning about the language and all the good practices to become a good Python developer. Learning about Python’s good practices keeps you on track while also presenting the optimal way to work. Right? However, interestingly, that is not enough. If you just want to stay on track, go ahead and absorb the good practices. But if you want to stand out, go beyond excellence, and achieve your goals, learn about the bad practices as well.

If you have already joined some Python coaching classes in Bhopal, discuss mistakes that Python developers often make with your faculty. It will help you have a clear vision of things you must avoid when you slip into their shoes. And that’s the process even Tyson himself used to follow. Before every boxing match, the great pugilist would invest some time learning about the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. It helped him become the great boxer that he will always be. Similarly, here in this case as well, you must learn about mistakes that Python developers often make to simply avoid them should you ever face them.

To help you out, we have got you this guide. It talks about a couple of common mistakes that Python developers must avoid. So, without further ado, let’s check them all out:

Syntax errors

Okay! You got to be very careful when dealing with the syntax of the Python language. Missing a colon, adding extra space, and misinterpreting a parenthesis can all lead to serious language errors that your system won’t be able to understand. These minor syntax errors are quite hard to figure out when you really have to. So be careful when dealing with syntax errors.

Indentation errors

All right! Indentations in Python are not there for just decoration. They play quite a meaningful role in overall coding. Any incorrect use will only lead to errors. More importantly, they are hard to locate in a code as well. So be extra careful when marking indentations in Python.


This is one of the most fatal mistakes made by Python developers. The developers put the _init_ method to use when they want an object to be produced from a class and initialize the attributes of the class.  But this is so wrong. And no Python coaching in Bhopal discusses this bad practice, which should be done.

Using the _init_ method this way is simply moving away from the main objective. And that’s the least as a Python developer you will ever want.

The clash of identities while using Python modules

Regarded as one of the best programming languages ever, Python comes loaded with a hell lot of library modules. While having such a prosperous library always comes in handy, there is another side to it with loads of confusion mainly due to identical names of modules. This wreaks havoc at times while writing codes because you are using something that you should not without even realizing it. You think you are correct, which you are obviously not, and you keep looking for solutions that won’t work at all. So beware of these common identity issues in Python.

Equality vs identity

One of the common mistakes that has now become a ritual of sorts is substituting <is> for <equality>, especially when relating integers. Python is used for only cache integers, so this may not go well with this trip at all.

Closing thoughts

Joining a good Python coaching in Bhopal is the stepping stone to the success you dream about. You got to keep various other arrows in your quiver to shoot the target. Knowing mistakes in Python that most developers make is an ideal way to stand out as a Python developer. It will help you beat the competition like a piece of cake.

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