Top 5 Interview Questions for Freshers No Python Coaching in Bhopal Reveals

Top 5 Interview Questions for Freshers No Python Coaching in Bhopal Reveals

There is no dearth of Python coaching in Bhopal today for sure. If you look for one you will come across many. But there’s a catch. Not all of them are the ones you probably need. So you must do your research well. Choose an institute that lays stress on comprehensive learning including other vital features such as 100% placement assistance, personality development, and interview preparation among others.

Interview preparation is quite a subjective practice though. It differs from one Python coaching in Bhopal to another. Knowing the right questions does half the trick and that’s right where most institutions fail miserably. This is why we have got this guide for you. It compiles a list of top 5 interview questions that hardly any Python training in Bhopal talks about. So what are we waiting for? Let’s discuss these questions and bag your dream job today. Here we go:   

Python interview question # 1: What do you understand by PEP 8 in Python?

PEP is an abbreviation of “Python Enhancement Proposal.” And as the name suggests itself, it is a guide, proposal, or report offering guidelines on enhancing Python codes for better readability and consistency.

Python interview question # 2: Can you please explain what pickling refers to in terms of Python?

The process of converting Python objects into a string representation using the pickle module is called pickling. Pickling is primarily done to save objects on a disk.

Python interview question # 3: Is Python a static or dynamically typed language?

Python is a dynamically typed language because data types are checked during execution line by line.

Python interview question # 4: How are lists and tuples different from each other in Python?

In Python, data containing a sequence of different types of objects is called either a list or tuple depending on some particular characteristics. For instance, the following data type has a sequence of different types of objects: [ ‘ Gyan ’, 8, 2.18 ]

So it can either be a list or tuple. However, since it is enclosed in a pair of square brackets, it is a list. Similarly, a sequence of objects represented by parentheses is called a tuple, i.e. ( ‘ Gyan ’ , 12, 7.80 ). You can modify a list on the go according to your requirements. However, a tuple is something that remains constant. There is no way you can introduce any changes to it.

Python interview question # 5: How would you describe modules and packages in Python?

In Python, modules are referred to as general Python files comprising a set of functions with a .py extension. On the other hand, packages are directories containing a set of modules. The extension of a package is __init__.py.

Closing thoughts

Developed in 1991 by Guido van Rossum, Python earns a reputation for its flexibility, versatility, and simplicity. It is used aggressively in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Web Development due to its ability to deal with complex computations backed up by powerful libraries. All these have helped boost the demand for Python developers in India and other parts of the world. As a result, leading IT giants are willing to offer handsome salary packages to Python stalwarts. So go through the questions above and increase your chances of bagging an amazing job offer today. Remember, these questions are quite rare and no Python coaching in Bhopal covers in their curriculum. For more such guides and helpful information, keep reading this column. You can even write to us should you have any query regarding any Python-related topic.

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