Top 5 Interview Questions That No Big Data Course in Bhopal Prepares You For

Top 5 Interview Questions That No Big Data Course in Bhopal Prepares You For

If you are planning to enroll in a Big Data course in Bhopal lately, you must have done your research by now. One of your findings during the entire process would have been of how things have evolved in the IT training landscape. Nowadays, it is more about making students future-ready than about just teaching them a particular course and getting done with the responsibility forever.

Big Data training institutes in Bhopal have taken it on themselves to make candidates complete professionals. For this, they are introducing new features and other useful programs regularly to help students beat the global competition. One such helpful program offered by any Big Data course in Bhopal these days is interview preparation. You may learn to code but cracking an interview is a completely different art. Apart from self-confidence and the right attitude, you must have perfect answers in your quiver to shoot the questions flat. And, apparently, to know the perfect answers, it is crucial to know the perfect questions in the first place. We must know answers to questions that are tricky and can often catch you off guard.  So to help you out, we have got you this guide. It compiles a list of 5 interview questions that no Big Data course in Bhopal tells you how to crack. Read carefully Stu:

Question # 1: What do we mean by Big Data’s 5 Vs?

Volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value are 5 Vs of Big Data. These 5 Vs are crucial aspects of Big Data technology. The following list explains their significance:

  • Volume refers to the amount of data.
  • Velocity is the speed at which this volume is increasing.
  • Variety refers to the different types of data received from various sources.
  • Veracity is about the quality of your data and how reliable it is.
  • Value is the process wherein raw data is converted into something valuable.

Question # 2 What role does Hadoop technology play in Big Data analytics?

Hadoop technology plays a pivotal role in Big Data analytics. This technology is used to process a large amount of data at a rapid speed. This open-source technology is not just economical but also very flexible in nature. With the help of Hadoop, a Big Data analyst can easily handle distributed processing as well.

Question # 3 Please explain Data modeling and its kinds.

Data modeling is a way of giving large amounts of data a visual structure to understand them effectively and knowing how these can be used for the best results. There are three types of Data models:

1. Conceptual Data model

This is one of the simplest data models with minor annotations. It is primarily used in the development stage of a project.

2. Logical Data model

With an ability to count relational factors, the logical Data model is an advanced version of the conceptual Data Model. This is ideal for data warehousing projects.

3. Physical Data model

The physical Data model is regarded as one of the most comprehensive data models. Regarded as the most advanced version, the physical Data model is also the most versatile as it encompasses properties specific to a database management system.

Question # 4: What do you know about fsck?

fsck stands short to File System Check. As the phrase itself suggests, it is used to check file systems for any discrepancy. For example, if your file is missing any particular block, then you will be notified of the same and fix the issue in a timely manner.

Question # 5: Can you please name a few Big Data processing techniques?

Some of the most common Big Data processing techniques are:

  • Batch processing
  • Stream processing
  • Real-time processing
  • Map-reduce

Closing thoughts

Enrolling in a Big Data course in Bhopal is a big step toward your bright future. So choose a Big Data institute that focuses on making you a complete professional rather than just teaching you the program for the heck of it. Remember, your certification can only get you a job. But to make a career out of it you need skills and personality. Interview preparation is an extremely helpful feature of any Big Data course in Bhopal. Choose an institute that lays stress on this aspect of learning as well.

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